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3D rendered outdoor fitness park


We see landscapes for what they are and what they might become for life today and for generations to come. 

Creating meaningful places that people want to use and return to is a balance between art and sociology. MJ subscribes and applies the latest ideas for establishing functional public spaces that encourage social connections, dynamic experiences, and bringing forward a place’s special qualities. 


Through placemaking our work brings forward the kinetic dynamism within urban streetscapes, plazas, campuses, and parklands. 

We draw inspiration from nature’s phenomena, amplify its natural systems, and protect the intimate sanctuary of preservation and wild lands. Our work imbues meaning to a landscape, creating a story and evoking history by sharpening viewers perception and revealing things that otherwise wouldn’t be seen. Though our medium is constantly in flux, we approach landscape construction with a passion for fine craftmanship, durability, and high performance. 

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