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Two women using the Nott Street Crosswalk


MJ understands firsthand the challenges of aging highways and roadway infrastructure and how system improvements impact the mobility, safety and the economic viability of our local communities.

MJ provides comprehensive highway design services across New York State. From the design of complete streets solutions in our local communities to complex interchanges, our goals mirror that of our clients - to keep the traveling public moving safely and efficiently.​ Our transportation engineers partner with our in-house traffic engineers, landscape architects and environmental staff to manage each project’s unique needs, address stakeholder concerns, and minimize impacts to the environment. 

MJ designers are highly skilled in:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignments

  • Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MPT)

  • Drainage and Grading Design

  • Hydraulic Design Analysis

  • Roundabout Design

  • Intersection Improvement Studies

  • ADA Compliance

  • Traffic Analysis and Modeling

  • Traffic Calming

  • Utility Design and Coordination

  • Signing/Pavement Marking Design

  • Environmental Permitting and Agency Coordination 

  • Construction Management and Inspection 

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