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SUNY Plattsburgh

Coeymans Landing Riverfront Park

Coeymans, New York

The redevelopment of the Coeymans Landing Riverfront Park was a high priority identified in town's master plan. The park serves as the town’s hub for local events, passive and active recreation, and provides direct access to boating and fishing along the Hudson River. MJ led the redevelopment of the park, which focused on stormwater management, new parking, improved pedestrian and ADA accessibility, and landscaping. Combined, these updates improved the park’s functionality, promoted safer vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and reduced direct stormwater discharge into the river.

Stormwater management was addressed using green infrastructure strategies, such as vegetated detention basins and bioswales. These landscaped shallow basins are located along the streets, parking areas, and sidewalks to collect stormwater runoff during rain events. The basins’ soil media and plants filter and clean the stormwater before it is discharged. The park’s green infrastructure is an interconnected system, where the upper bioretention basins flows into the middle levels and onto the lower levels, which maximizes the filtering capability of the system, and its resilience handling stormwater flows during heavy rain events.

The landscaped areas, which include the stormwater management areas, are a beautiful addition to the park. Shade trees help to reduce the urban heat island effect and filter air pollution. Additionally, by paving the parking areas, the air pollution caused by dust blowing off the former parking areas was completely eradicated. These improvements along with the recreational benefits have improved the quality of life and health and wellbeing of the town.

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