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MJ employee using shoulder mounted laser scanner next to pipes


MJ offers water and wastewater engineering services to help communities protect and manage earth's water resources for future generations.

MJ understands how critical water and wastewater infrastructure is to a community and the tight budget constraints that are often encountered.  Whether it is the design of new infrastructure or the rehabilitation of an existing facility, our team of highly skilled water and wastewater professionals work with communities to understand their water and wastewater needs and successfully implement a cost-effective approach to the project from conceptual planning through design and construction.




MJ's water and wastewater group specializes in:

  • Facilities Master & Capital Planning

  • Source Development

  • Water Transmission & Distribution Systems

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Water Storage Facilities

  • Wastewater Collection & Pumping Systems

  • Inflow and Infiltration Studies

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Subsurface Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Utility Rehabilitation/Trenchless Technologies

  • Hydraulic Modeling & Evaluation

  • Instrumentation and Controls/SCADA Systems

  • Asset Management

  • Facility Startup & Commissioning

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Regulatory Permitting

  • Funding Assistance

Meet some of MJ's engineers as they discuss the topic of water infrastructure.


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