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Company vehicle with 3D laser scanner mounted on top


MJ is a pioneer in the use of laser scanning and mobile mapping in the A/E industry. Over the past 20 years, we have used this powerful technology on thousands of projects, saving our clients time and money.

3D laser scanning and mobile mapping technology have revolutionized the surveying industry. MJ has been providing 3D laser scanning for more than a decade and has successfully completed hundreds of projects for highways, bridges and buildings. From college campuses and private utilities, to entire cities, MJ has utilized mobile mapping to document critical infrastructure and conduct asset inventory.


Laser scanning allows for collection of thousands of data points in less time and with lower cost than with traditional techniques, and permits development of high-quality, detailed mapping with true-to-scale imaging of all surfaces/objects in a project area. The scanned images can be utilized as 3D models or 2D documents and can be directly imported into 3rd party software.

3D laser scanning is a useful tool when it comes to new buildings as well as renovation and historic preservation. MJ has used laser scanning on a variety of buildings and structures in order to develop highly accurate 2D models and as-builts. MJ has utilized laser scanning and mobile mapping on a variety of roadway and highway projects allowing for increased safety of surveyors, minimal traffic management, reduction of construction reworks and decline in schedule delays.


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