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SUNY Plattsburgh

Legacy Park Veterans Memorial

Glenville, New York

MJ played a central role in shaping the design of the Capital Region Veterans Memorial to honor fallen service members. The facility is intended to be a regional destination for veterans and their families to gather. Going beyond a mere memorial, it is poised to offer a rich array of amenities, featuring a network of trails, a welcoming center, and seasonal café. The site is also envisioned to include a performance area for celebrations, including events on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

Collaborating closely with officials from the Town of Glenville and the Legacy Project Committee, MJ led the development of a conceptual design and final construction documents for performance area. Central to the site is  a custom designed pavilion for outdoor performances. The pavilion is a 22-foot by 18-foot timber frame structure, with an arced galvanized steel roof, positioned over a concrete slab-on-grade that is carefully integrated with the surrounding landscape. The pavilion draws inspiration from Quonset huts, typical structures found on military bases, but is softened by the open-air timber frame that is more appropriate to the park-like setting. The performance area is enclosed by a horseshoe shaped earthen berm, planted with meadow flower species, that together, buffers ambient urban noise and creates a more intimate setting for the audience. The outdoor auditorium is a lawn, gently sloping up to the pavilion stage, and outfitted with bluestone slab seating and durable outdoor furniture. A ring of flag poles that represent the town of Glenville and each military branch is positioned on a central axis behind the pavilion creating a patriotic backdrop for the stage.

The performance area has been thoughtfully crafted to accommodate future expansion. Plans include the incorporation of a future storage room and preparation space, ensuring seamless integration with the existing design. This forward-thinking approach guarantees the facility's adaptability and endurance, serving as an enduring tribute to the sacrifices made by the region’s veterans.

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