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SUNY Plattsburgh

University at Albany Parking Lot Rehabilitation & Pedestrian Upgrades

Albany, New York

MJ was responsible for reconfiguration of parking lots and pedestrian facilities to accommodate a full rehabilitation and re-programming of the existing Health Services Building. MJ designed pedestrian linkages to the Academic Podium and pedestrian safety improvements along University Drive.

Working with the State University Construction Fund and JMZ, MJ’s scope included full depth pavement rehabilitation, utility extensions and relocations, sidewalk design, parking lot reconstruction, SWPPP inspections, realignment of site access and stormwater design/management using both standard and green infrastructure practices. MJ’s design incorporated the use of porous asphalt and porous concrete.

MJ also performed landscape architecture services, including the selections of appropriate trees, shrubs, plants, and furniture to match the aesthetic of the campus. The design intent was to preserve the tranquil and rural character, while improving maintainability, durability, and seasonal color.

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