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SUNY Plattsburgh

South Bay Bridge Water Main Rehabilitation

Village of Whitehall, New York

MJ provided engineering services for the design and construction of water main rehabilitation on the South Bay of Lake Champlain in the Village of Whitehall. The existing water main had experienced numerous leaks. To provide a reliable source of potable water service to village residents from the village water treatment plant located in the Town of Dresden , the existing 14-inch water main required rehabilitation. The project included the rehabilitation of 700 LF of existing  cast iron water main via trenchless pipe lining, installation of 725 LF of HDPE pipe for bypass operations, valves, fittings, associated appurtenances and miscellaneous site work.

The project also included detailed work zone traffic control (WZTC) to maintain traffic during the bypass and water main lining operations. Extensive WZTC coordination with NYSDOT was required. In addition to detailed design, MJ was responsible for coordination with regulatory agencies, including NYSDOH, NYSDOT, Washington County DPW, USACE, OPRHP, NYSDEC, and APA for environmental permitting and plan approval. Funding for the project was provided through the Office of Community Renewal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

During the construction phase, MJ performed full-time inspection services. This included completing daily inspection reports to document all progress, coordinating field work with stakeholders, continuously updating as-build documents to accurately represent field installation conditions, reviewing all estimates for accuracy, and witnessing all material and waterline testing.

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