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SUNY Plattsburgh

Colorado Rock Tunnels

Colorado Springs & Bellvue, Colorado

MJ mobilized a survey crew to scan three rock tunnels in Colorado. The team used a wearable mobile scanner equipped with LiDAR sensors and 360-degree camera capturing unparalleled visualizations and point clouds of these iconic passageways. Our survey crew then mobile-mapped the sites driving at highway speeds. MJ technicians imported the point clouds and imagery into a custom MJ4D. This MJ4D aids FHWA trainees in their understanding of real-world site conditions. Users can explore this immersive digital documentation remotely from a web browser. With MJ4D, staff can virtually learn how to complete critical inspections and maintenance reports to preserve essential infrastructure. MJ4D provides an innovative virtual training environment that is safe and efficient.

Click here to check out the MJ4D dataset!

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