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SUNY Plattsburgh

Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency Study

New York, New York

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated a clear need for resiliency planning in Lower Manhattan. MJ was an integral part of the project team working to deliver a comprehensive flood protection concept design and advanced planning for the study area.

MJ was responsible for providing survey services, mapping utilities, subways tunnels and stations, coastline and bulkheads, trees, building edges, curbs, edge of pavement, sidewalks, paths.

To collect the vast amount of data needed for the project, MJ utilized 3D laser scanning and mobile mapping in addition to publicly available geospatial data. MJ’s mobile scanner was attached to a truck, a boat, and an ATV.

MJ provided the design team with an interactive web-based point cloud viewer to interact with the raw point cloud data and obtain critical design elevations prior to the issuance of mapping.

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