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MJ is excited to announce our new web app, MJ4D.

MJ4D harnesses the power of LiDAR technology, bringing it right to your fingertips.

At the forefront of laser scanning, MJ has been working with pointcloud data since 2004. This previously meant managing large files and installing specialized 3D software on expensive and powerful workstations. MJ4D removes these roadblocks, allowing secure access to a digital twin directly from a web browser without installing software.

MJ’s in-house team of surveyors, GIS professionals, engineers and software developers created MJ4D to fill the need for a web-based digital twin that is readily accessible and easy to use.

MJ4D integrates seamlessly with CAD platforms, bridging the divide between GIS and design software packages, securely allowing access to LiDAR and high-res imagery.

MJ4D is ideal for project teams working together remotely. The entire team can be virtually immersed in a site, where they can easily measure distances, slopes, and create cross sections, examine proposed improvements, or monitor changes to a site over time.

The MJ4D data acquisition team collects reality capture data using the latest LiDAR and imaging technologies – on foot, attached to a vehicle, aerial, or even by boat.

We know that no two projects are the same. MJ4D can be customized to tackle any project. From an entire city to a subway station complex, or a historic building, MJ4D allows you to be there without being there.

To learn more about MJ4D visit MJ4D | Home (

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