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Engineers Week 2022

This week, MJ is celebrating our engineers as part of National Engineers Week (EWeek). EWeek is about highlighting how engineers make a difference in our world and how we can spread a dialogue about engineering and technology careers. To celebrate, we’re highlighting a few of our talented engineers, who were kind enough to share their thoughts and perspective on the importance of engineering. We are so proud of the work our firm does and the incredible group of people who make it all happen.

“Engineering is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging, yet rewarding jobs in the world. It is difficult at times, but this only focuses us to grow as individuals to overcome the problems we will face.” -Walt Lippmann, PE

“Problem solving is what I enjoy most about being an engineer. Every project is a new puzzle waiting to be solved.” -Shelby Moore

“Growing up, I was always building things with Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, or scrap pieces of wood. Once I took my first drafting courses in high school, I realized how interesting it is to design something from scratch or create solutions to a problem. That is how engineering chose me.” -Scott Price, PE

“The technological tools available to us are changing at a rapid pace. These tools have astounding capabilities to assist in documentation, design, and construction. There is a balance in effectively deploying the correct technology to meet our ever-tightening timelines and budgets, while maintaining professional accountability and understanding of the end results. This balancing act is at the center of our industry today.” -Nick Cruden, PE

“Why did I choose a career in engineering? Well, my dad was an engineer, though he was on the construction side. I grew up around construction sites. When I was eight years old, I visited the MVP Arena while it was being constructed and was quickly hooked.” -Dan Eckert, PE

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