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Project Vision

The Federal Street corridor enhancements are an opportunity to improve traffic safety, establish secure pedestrian crossings that connect the north and south sections of downtown Troy, and provide a pleasant pedestrian experience that supports inclusive multi-modal transportation. MJ envisions achieving a harmonious balance between the essential road and roundabout requirements with thoughtful aesthetic accents that align with the unique character of Troy. Tasteful lighting, strategically placed amenities, and appropriate plantings are features that will soften the roadway and improve the experience of the first-time visitor, everyday commuter, and resident walker. 

The City of Troy and its stakeholders have shown an ongoing commitment to community revitalization through planning initiatives, public infrastructure improvements, and private investment. We fully understand that these efforts represent decades of work and passion necessary to make Troy’s downtown and waterfront revitalization a reality. It can be easily seen that the City takes pride in its community and the vibrancy and authenticity of its local culture. We are inspired and committed to assisting Troy in this corridor enhancement project to help bring its vision to life.

MJ's design team has crafted numerous visualizations for the envisioned boulevard-style corridor on Federal Street. We anticipate that these renderings will facilitate meaningful connections and foster collaboration among the City of Troy and its stakeholders as we embark on the design phase, working together to transform this community vision into a tangible reality.

Click the rendering gallery to view images in a larger size.

Be There Without Being There

MJ deployed a crew to survey the Federal Street corridor via our mobile mapper. The mobile scanner is equipped with LiDAR sensors and a 360-degree camera capturing visualizations and point clouds of the project area. MJ4D offers a unique way to view the data, allowing users to explore this immersive digital documentation remotely from a web browser. This information provides a current street view and point cloud of the existing field data with the capability of measuring horizontal and vertical distances. It’s also a great asset management tool to document conditions prior to, during, and after construction.

Try MJ4D

Click the link to view the project data.

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