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SUNY Plattsburgh

WWTP Asset Management Plans & Technical Assistance

Lake Champlain Basin, New York & Vermont

To protect the Lake Champlain Basin, MJ provided technical assistance to develop and implement asset management plans (AMPs) and training for 13 wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) located in the Lake Champlain watershed throughout Vermont and New York. The goal was to provide municipalities, wastewater treatment governing boards and plant operators with the necessary tools for effective asset management to improve operation and maintenance of their wastewater infrastructure and decrease the risk of pollution to Lake Champlain.

MJ conducted an initial screening of 80 municipal WWTFs with permitted discharge of 2.0 million gallons per day or less. Of the 80 screened, 13 were selected for the program. Site visits to each location were conducted over a nine-month period to interview plant operators, collect asset information, and photograph the facilities. This information was used to prepare customized AMPs for each WWTF to utilize as a tool for effective asset management. Each report contained a comprehensive list of the facility’s assets, a narrative of the treatment process, analysis of daily monitoring reports of effluent measurements, level of service goals, and financial analysis of five-year capital improvements costs, as well as 100-year projected costs.

After report delivery, individual training sessions were conducted with each community on using asset management software. The software used for each AMP provides day to day task maintenance reminders for assets, generates AMPs with updated rehabilitation and replacement schedules, and generates updated Capital Improvements Plans (CIPs). For the months following delivery of the AMPs and training, follow up support was provided to each community to ensure an understanding of the AMP and the associated software for future use.

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