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SUNY Plattsburgh

Robert Moses Niagara Power Project

Lewiston, New York

MJ provided on-site engineering services, overseeing six certified inspection divers and one diving supervisor for the structural inspection of the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant. This highly critical power generation facility consists of 13 power-generating units, each with water intake and discharge.

MJ’s inspection determined the overall condition of the structure’s upstream stop log guides, upstream head gate guides, and downstream draft tube gate guides at all 13 power generating units. In addition to performing a condition inspection, measurements were taken to determine the dimensional tolerances of the head gate guides to assure proper functioning of the inserted devices, head gates, and draft tube gates.

A visual inspection was performed on the concrete surfaces adjacent to the guides and the intake structures’ trash rack, both below and above water. The above water portions of the intake stop log guides, head gate guides, and draft tube gate guides were inspected to the same level of inspection as the below water sections. MJ developed a comprehensive inspection report which documented conditions and deterioration. The report served as the basis for rehabilitation efforts.

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