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SUNY Plattsburgh

Newport Naval Station Upgrades

Newport, Rhode Island

MJ has teamed with Enfield Enterprises on several facility improvement projects through the design/build delivery process at the Newport Naval Station.

Building Roof Replacements: MJ provided architecture and structural engineering services for roof replacements of three buildings on the Newport base. The existing roofing systems were removed down to the buildings substrate and replaced with new roofing systems. The construction drawings were developed in accordance with the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) wind speed design criteria. MJ is now working on similar roof replacement projects for Buildings 7, 1255, and 1275.

Building 1277 HVAC Upgrades: MJ provided architecture and structural engineering services for the renovation of Building 1277 at the Naval Station Newport. The project replaced the existing HVAC system including air handling units, ERVs, pumps, heat exchangers, piping ductwork, electrical connection to the HVAC equipment, control and incidental work. It included replacement of the suspended ceiling tiles, a new roof access ladder, swing gate at the ladder, rubber walkway mats and a permanent fall protection system.

Sims Hall Center Wing Upgrades: MJ completed wind speed and uplift pressure calculations for the construction of a new elevator shaft as part of a $12 million upgrade to the facility’s center wing. Sims Hall (Building 29) is a historic building and is part of the Naval War College. It serves as an academic building which houses classified research, classrooms, and war game facilities.

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