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SUNY Plattsburgh

Middlebury Bridge & Rail Project

Town of Middlebury, Vermont

MJ provided survey and mapping services to D.A. Collins Family of Companies during the construction of this extensive rail tunnel project, which replaced two nearly 100-year-old rail bridges in the center of the Town of Middlebury. The new rail tunnel is made of 422 pieces of precast concrete U-walls, each piece weighing roughly 40 tons. The 360-foot tunnel addressed several deficiencies and provides vertical clearance for double-stack rail cars. It will now be able to accommodate large freight cars and become a critical piece in bringing Amtrak to Burlington in the near future.

The tunnel provides improved rail alignment, softening the rail curve to allow better horizontal clearance for trains. The project also included drainage improvements, mitigating the risk of icing problems as well as ponding that historically occurred.

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