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SUNY Plattsburgh

Intermunicipal Comprehensive Plan

Town of Canton, New York

MJ developed a comprehensive plan for the Town of Canton as well as the Villages of Canton and Rensselaer Falls, which are located within the town’s borders. The document incorporates key elements of the Canton Grasse River Waterfront Revitalization Plan. The plan provides a long-range planning guide for the growth of the communities while protecting natural, cultural, and economic resources.

MJ worked with leaders from all three municipalities including officials, Planning Board members, community organizations and residents. MJ conducted visioning sessions to identify key issues, conduct research to evaluate present circumstances and future potential, establish goals and policies, and develop the plan. The deliverable is a comprehensive document with background information and findings, a plan vision, land use patterns to be achieved by the plan implementation, goals and recommendations, and an implementation program.

MJ’s scope of work included developing a public participation program, leading meetings, conducting research, reporting on the project and preparing meeting minutes, presenting draft plan updates, and preparing final plans, reports, and maps. MJ provided GIS mapping services.

In addition, MJ prepared a reprogramming plan for Taylor Park, a critical waterfront park in the community.

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