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SUNY Plattsburgh

Halfmoon Asset Management & GIS

Town of Halfmoon, New York

MJ is currently working with the Town of Halfmoon on several water projects as their town-designated engineer. Our team has utilized a variety of innovative technologies and unique approaches to effectively complete these projects.

To aid in routine and emergency maintenance and planning of future expansion, MJ helped the Town of Halfmoon in improving and enhancing their existing GIS database of water infrastructure. MJ inventoried and cataloged the town’s water assets in support of the goal. Our survey group drove 115 miles of town-owned roads to collect existing conditions data. MJ’s mobile mapper captured 360-degree panoramic photos and 3D laser scan data. We also mobilized our in-house technicians, equipped with survey-grade GPS receivers, to inspect and inventory more than 1,200 hydrants and 1,400 gate valves in the town. MJ post-processed the mobile mapping information to produce a 360° panoramic street-level imagery, measurable 3D laser scan point clouds (LiDAR), and 2D laser scan intensity imagery. We also deployed the information to a web format in MJ’s MJ4D web viewer app. The data collected, and final GIS database layers were incorporated into the town’s existing ArcGIS Online web map.

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