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Dutchess County Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Dutchess County, New York

MJ led the development of an extensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan for Dutchess County. The plan acts as a roadmap to ensure an appropriate balance of facilities and amenities throughout the county. Prior to initiating the planning process, MJ performed mobile mapping services to collect topographic survey data for six active parks within the county. Once the data was collected, MJ’s technicians developed a 3D web-based viewer for direct interaction with the scan data and photos from each scan.

The master plan included immediate and long-term plans with a specific emphasis on creating universal access at all facilities, buildings, playgrounds and trails. MJ evaluated six existing parks, two rail trails, and other open space recreational facilities and amenities to develop innovative strategies and recommendations to achieve the county’s vision. The plan is intended to be used as a resource for future development and redevelopment of the county’s parks, open space, and recreation system. The team examined existing facilities and future opportunities related to Bowdoin Park, Wilcox Park, Quiet Cove Riverfront Park, Dutchess Stadium, William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail and the Harlem Valley Rail Trail within the county. Public engagement was a critical component to the master planning process and included a public survey, interactive public workshops, pop-up events, and park-based meetings.

Following the development of a county-wide plan, MJ assisted the county in coordinating a master plan and strategic direction specifically for the 231-acre Lake Walton Preserve. The plan places a special emphasis on creating a universally accessible recreation experience that is available to County residents and visitors. Public engagement included several activities and outreach methods designed to inform the public and gather input to guide the effort. They included an online survey, virtual public outreach events streamed through Zoom and Facebook, and digital outreach. MJ led the projects efforts and worked with the Dutchess County DPW to develop the master planning document, facilitate core team meetings, and coordinate public engagement efforts.

View the final document here.

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