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SUNY Plattsburgh

Alfred State College, MacKenzie Hall Complex

Alfred, NY

The project involved the renovation and modernization of the MacKenzie Hall Complex.  As the University’s largest residence hall, it was critical to strategically phase the renovations to allow for students to occupy portions of the site during the school year. MJ provided site/civil design, structural design, landscape architecture and survey on this extensive renovation project. The project was designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Exterior renovations included roof and window replacement and the construction of new entrance foyers. New sidewalks and landscaping were completed for all wings, encouraging student wellness and outside activities. Interior renovations included reconstruction of existing bathrooms as well as public and support spaces.

MJ’s civil tasks included site design, sidewalk design, stairway design, landscaping, utility design and coordination, site lighting, grading, stormwater, permitting, SWPPP, and drainage. The design features a large plaza and courtyard with brick pavers, seating, bicycle racks and landscaping. The project also includes the design of retaining walls. The project incorporated porous asphalt, and infiltration basins to collect and infiltrate stormwater runoff.

MJ’s structural design included removal of exterior and interior bearing walls to accommodate the proposed program space, design of steel lintel at new window and interior openings, a new canopy structure and stairs at the Rowhouse 9 connector, a vestibule and stairway at the south end of the Tower H connector, and new openings for mechanical chases throughout the building.

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