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MJ Announces Newest PLS!

Congratulations to our newest licensed surveyor, Corey Reid, PLS! Corey has 12 years of experience in the survey field and received his bachelor’s degree in land surveying and mapping from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Since joining MJ six years ago and starting on the road to licensure, Corey has persistently developed the skills necessary to become a professional land surveyor in New York State. Corey leads a majority of MJ’s survey construction stakeout projects and is responsible for project computations and QA/QC reviews. He has recently worked on the Middlebury Rail Tunnel Project in Vermont, Mt. Van Hoevenberg Base Lodge and Sliding Sports Facility in Essex County, and several bridges in the Hudson Valley as part of the NYSBA cashless tolling initiative.

“Corey has dedicated a great amount of time and energy to studying and prepping for the PLS exam. This accomplishment is well deserved! His work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to learn have made him a tremendous asset in MJ’s survey group. Corey’s new license and enthusiasm will help MJ pursue additional survey opportunities and new licenses in several states. We are very proud of his achievement and look forward to his continued success and future growth at MJ.” – Joseph Malinowski, PLS, Director of Survey Services
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